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We offer full structural engineering and design services for any application where our products are used. From tank and process applications including mixers, pumps and instrumentation to ladders and platforms to RFTC architectural facades and enclosures, our team of engineers can design, write specifications, provide CAD designs and drawings to assist you in moving your project from concept to reality.

Learn more about our custom design solutions.

Fees for this service vary with the complexity of your project. Please call one of our courteous and professional customer service team members to discuss your specific application at (951) 734-7711.

Peabody Engineering has been producing tanks and custom fiberglass products for years. Our fabricators are trained extensively in processing and methodology to bring you the very best products and services available. Our quality assurance program requires that each product be checked for accuracy and quality throughout our manufacturing process.

We constantly seek new materials, processes and improved performance standards for all of our components, giving our customers peace of mind in knowing that they are receiving the most advanced, highest quality products available anywhere. Our product development team is always working with engineers and industry experts to develop new and better solutions to common industry problems.

This is why Peabody Engineering can offer you tanks and RFTC concealment products that are not available elsewhere; our technology offers the versatility and flexibility you need to get the right product from your simplest to your most demanding applications.


Peabody Engineering maintains a 32,400 square foot corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Corona, CA. This facility includes sales and marketing, engineering and accounting functions for the company as well as manufacturing of fiberglass, plastic, steel and foam products.

Peabody's staff undergoes continuous training to improve their capabilities and bring their customers the best the industry has to offer.

Design review meetings with our staff are available by appointment. Contact your Peabody representative for more information (951) 734-7711.
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