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Extreme Service Tank Systems

Many times, the requirements you need for a process or storage tank exceed the normal parameters of a "plastic tank". In the past, these applications required either a costly stainless steel or an exotic alloy tank made of hastelloy or titanium. Not anymore! Peabody Engineering has the ability to provide you with a range of tank solutions to meet all but the most severe applications.

We offer lined tanks, using products including PVDF, Halar and Teflon (PFA) for excellent chemical and heat resistance. These lined tanks are also an excellent choice for high purity applications.

Many applications are well suited to our high density polyethylene tanks with the FiberPlast overwrap system. Using a combination of HDPE and fiberglass, we can manufacture a tank that is suitable for a host of applications, including;

  • Pressure tanks up to 14 PSI
  • Integral Seismic and Wind Restraint systems
  • High temperature polyethylene tanks rated for up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit continuous duty
  • Insulated tanks with or without integral heating systems
  • Severe Service tanks with external mechanical attachments
  • Sodium Hypochlorite, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ferrous Chloride tanks
  • Dual Containment tanks with leak detection and level control.
We offer extreme service tanks in all configurations, including vertical, horizontal, cone bottom and rectangular.

For assistance in ordering, call our customer service department at (877) 734-3759.
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