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Fiberplast, Seismic & Wind Restraint Systems

Seismic, wind and snow loading restraint systems are becoming an ever-increasing concern for both governmental and in-plant personnel in safety and contingency planning.

Traditional restraint packages for plastic tanks involved cumbersome cable and post systems that are costly to install and restrict access to your tank. Although they are inexpensive to purchase, these cable and post systems can create extreme stress points on the tank that often lead to tank failure in a seismic or high wind event. The steel cable and posts are wedged against the softer plastic tank and any potential movement causes friction that is absorbed by the weaker material, in this case, the tank full of hazardous chemical. The energy is absorbed by the flexing or abrasion of the tank, which ultimately can cause a weakening of the wall or in some cases, a rupture in the tank wall.

Peabody Engineering has developed two alternative systems to the above option, through the development of the FiberPlast and the PolyPlast restraint systems.

Both systems were developed in a joint effort between Peabody Engineering and California State University, Long Beach to address the issue of tank wall stress caused by energy transfer as a result of seismic and high wind conditions experienced in natural phenomena such as earthquakes and hurricanes. After years of testing and practical applications, we have perfected these restraint systems to support the tank while spreading out the load around the tank, thereby minimizing the exposure to stress on any one point to a minimum.

The FiberPlast system employs the use of a fiberglass shell, laminated to the tank wall, with integrated anchor lugs encapsulated at key points around the tank base. This allows you to install your tank simply, yet effectively using drill in place anchor bolt systems widely available. No need to sink bolts into your pad in advance, no costly installation of cables or posts, just drill the holes in your pad through the tie-down lugs and set your bolts. It's that simple!

The PolyPlast system utilizes the same technology but without the fiberglass overwrap. This system offers you the same benefits as the FiberPlast system at a lower cost. It is limited to smaller tanks than the FiberPlast system but is just as reliable in a limited range of applications.

We offer seismic zone 2, 3 and 4 designs for any of our tanks. We can provide a full set of structural engineering calculations complete with an engineer's wet stamp, if required, for the chemical being stored and the location of your installation.

Shop our fiberplast, seismic & wind Restraint systems.

For assistance in ordering, call our customer service department at (877) 734-3759.
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