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Level Monitoring and Control Systems

Peabody Engineering can equip any tank with a host of level monitoring and control systems, including manual and electronic models. From a simple level gauge or flow meter to leak detection, continuous level monitoring or automated level or batch control of a pump, valve or other external device, Peabody Engineering has expertise in many different types of level and flow control products.

Choose from one of the categories below for information and immediate availability of our many styles of level and flow control technology.

Sight Gauges - An economical solution to level monitoring, choose from our all plastic sight glass assembly with isolation valves or our intrinsically safe inverse level gauge that eliminates the potential of leakage from your level monitoring system.

Float Gauges - A low cost, manual (non-powered) solution to monitoring the level of your tanks. Available in plastic or steel, these easy to install level gauges will fit in a wide range of tank sizes and configurations.

Point Level Sensors and Controllers - From simple reed-type level switches to fully automatic level control systems with relays and alarms, Peabody Engineering can help you choose the right package to meet your exact requirements. We offer level sensors for the most demanding of applications in a variety of technologies including;

  • Buoyancy
  • Capacitance
  • Ultrasonic
  • Optic
  • Vibration
Combine one of these technologies with a junction box to integrate into your own PLC or SCADA system or choose one of our pre-packaged controllers for a stand-alone control system for any application including;
  • Leak Detection with Alarm
  • Automatic Filling or Emptying
  • High or Low Level Shutoff with Alarm
  • Process Control
  • Multi-Point Level Detection
  • Overflow Protection

Continuous Level Transmitters and Controllers - Our Ultrasonic and Alphasonic continuous level transmitters provide a low-cost solution for general commercial and industrial and intrinsically safe applications where constant monitoring of fluid levels is required. These transmitters offer a 4-20 mA output for integration into your own PLC system or can be combined with one of our relay controllers for a stand-alone tank control system.

Flowmeters - Our Electronic Digital Flowmeters are a versatile yet reliable choice for monitoring and controlling your process. These in-line meters are available in a variety of materials and models to fit many commercial and industrial applications. Our standard meters offer batch, total and rate of flow in an easy to read LCD display and are powered by field-replaceable, long life lithium batteries. A host of options are available, including a signal-out module, which allows the user to automate his process with external controllers or PLC systems.

Shop our level monitoring and control systems.

For assistance in ordering, call our customer service department at (877) 734-3759.
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