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Secondary Containment Basins
Secondary Containment Tank Systems

Peabody Engineering is a leader in secondary containment basins and secondary containment tank systems. We offer a full range of sizes and styles, from simple overflow basins to complete tank-in-a-tank dual containment tank systems. Choose from either of the below categories to pick a secondary containment system that is right for your application.

Secondary Containment Basins - Overflow Basins - Open Top Basins
Open Top Basins, either rectangular or cylindrical, that are designed to place a primary tank within. These tanks are the most economical solution to meeting the requirements of the Uniform Fire Code, Spill Containment Regulations and the Environmental Protection Agency's Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), particularly 40 CFR 264.175. The containment area is open to the environment, so it will accumulate precipitation and environmental contamination if placed in an area subject to these external factors (outdoors, etc.).

Depending on your secondary containment basin needs, we have several models to choose from. Click here to see more selections and descriptions of these secondary containment basins.

Secondary Containment Basins
Showing various secondary containment basins

Secondary Containment Tank Systems
(Also known as Double Wall Tank Systems or Dual Wall Tank Systems)
Tank-in-a-tank systems that offer double walled storage for your products with sealed containment, safe from environmental contamination from rain, dirt or other external sources. These tanks are available in standard models or engineered to meet your most demanding applications with leak detection, level control, overflow protection, seismic restraint systems and more. Choose from any of our Double Walled Storage Tanks for Chemical and Water Treatment Service.

Depending on your double wall tank system needs, we have several models to choose from. Click here to see more selections and descriptions of these secondary containment tanks. Click here to learn more about Double Wall Tanks, Dual Containtment Tanks and Secondary Containment Tanks.

Secondary Containment Basins
Showing various double walled tank systems

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