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Centrifugal Engine Driven Portable Pumps

Peabody Engineering offers a wide range of choices in Self-priming Centrifugal Engine Driven Portable Pumps. Choose from our plastic pumps for water and light chemical applications, our cast iron and stainless steel pumps for heavy duty applications and our trash pumps for applications where solids are in your solution, like dewatering and construction applications. All of our pumps are available with standard or premium engines, which offer more features and extended service life. We offer portable pumps in sizes from 1 1/2" up to 4" pipe sizes and flows to 650 gallons per minute.

Peabody Engineering also has valves, strainers, hose and other accessories to help you complete your system.

Be sure to handle all liquids with care and proper training. Face mask, goggles, gloves, boots, aprons and fire-retardant or acid-proof coveralls or smocks will help prevent or greatly reduce the risk of bodily injury.

Please contact our helpful and courteous customer service department for help in choosing the right pump for your application.

Shop our self-priming centrifugal engine driven portable pumps.

For assistance in ordering, call our customer service department at (877) 734-3759.
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