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Cone Bottom Closed Top Tanks

aka Cone Bottom Dome Top Tanks

Peabody Engineering's line of Cone Bottom Closed Top Tanks, also known as Cone Bottom Dome Top Tanks, are a perfect solution for process, chemical, manufacturing and agricultural applications where mixing, settling or complete drainage are a concern.

Cone Bottom Closed Top Tanks (Shop our Inductor and Cone Tanks with or without Stands)
These plastic tanks are available in two different weight ratings; 1.4 specific gravity (12 pounds per gallon) and 2.0 specific gravity (16 pounds per gallon), allowing you to choose the most appropriate plastic tank for your application. Sizes range from 15 gallons to 7,500 gallons. Some of the tanks come with stands and some of the tanks come without stands.
Cone Bottom Close Top Tanks
With multiple shipping points across the Continental United States, it minimizes the freight expense in getting your tanks delivered to where you need them.

Our cone bottom tanks are available with shallow or steep cones in most size ranges, affording you the luxury to choose the configuration that best fits your application. We offer a corrosion-free plastic stand as an option on various tank sizes, consult our customer service department for help. We can assist you with designing a tank system for your process requirements including welded nozzles, seismic and wind restraint systems, level control, agitation, heating and insulation and other engineered enhancements. Contact our helpful and friendly application specialists to assist you in designing a tank that is right for you. All of our cone bottom tanks are optionally equipped with standard fittings for discharge connections and a threaded access cover (manway) at no additional charge. We can also provide most of our tanks without fittings installed at your option. We routinely provide valves, pumps, access ladders and other accessories with any tank.

Peabody Engineering's polyethylene (poly) cone bottom storage tanks are rotationally molded, which produces a durable, one-piece, seamless tank. Unlike cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), our High Density Linear Polyethylene (HDLPE) tanks are molded from 100% virgin FDA approved materials and will not impart any scent or impurity into your chemical. Our tanks handle a complete range of chemicals for products from below 1.0 to above 12.0 on the pH scale. All of our tanks are UV stabilized and will not breakdown under harsh outdoor weather conditions. Since they are 100% plastic, they will never rust, chip, peel, or corrode and are virtually maintenance free. Our standard tanks are translucent Natural (white) in color and the liquid level can be seen through the tank wall (some of our heavy duty tanks are light translucent blue). Molded in calibration in gallons is standard for easy reference of liquid level. All of our polyethylene tanks have been manufactured according to strict quality control standards. Our HDLPE tanks are not recommended for the storage of fuels, chlorinated hydrocarbons, some polymers and surfactants and some concentrated acids. If you are unsure, check with Peabody and your chemical supplier for recommendations.

Peabody Engineering's tanks carry a standard warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.
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